Ductwork Repair

Several times per month Scenic City Heating and AC technicians are asked to inspect and repair damaged ductwork.   Damage to flexible duct is often caused by rodents, cats or other animals in crawl spaces or basements.  We recently repaired a flex duct line after it became disconnected due to the weight of toys that kids had thrown down the vent (there’s more than one way to clean your room!)

Last week we inspected and repaired the ductwork in this Chattanooga home which was very wet and messy underneath.  In this case, the terrible conditions were not caused by pests but by very poor quality installation of the ductwork and high levels of moisture in the crawl space.  

The customer complained of not getting any air out of some of the vents.  First a heating and air conditioning technician checked his heat pump, air filter etc but did not find anything wrong with the unit.  We then inspected and found a host of issues.  

Really messy crawl space with terrible quality ductwork that needs repair.
Messy crawl space. Ductwork sitting on drain pipe and flexible supply line feeding metal trunk is squished.
Trunk duct not insulated or supported properly.
6″ Flex duct line poked into trunk and taped.  Improper connection didn’t last and pulled off causing heat to go to crawlspace instead of into house.  Also, no insulation in or on trunk.
Poorly installed duct missing takeoff
This hole was cut much too small for the duct connected to it and again the flex duct was only taped to the trunk. 
Water damaged flex duct
Finally, the flex ductwork was not supported well and had gotten wet and heavy.  This weight pulled the duct off the boot because it was only held on by tape.
Proper takeoff from duct
After enlarging the hole, we screwed on take off and made a proper connection using nylon straps to hold the new flex duct.
Repaired ductwork
We raised the trunk duct and supported it with metal strap to prevent damage to drain line and improve air flow from supply flex.

Although not related to the heating and air conditioning or ductwork, we also found evidence of mildew.  After repairing the ductwork the air flow into the house was much improved.  Working in crawlspaces is not fun and most home owners won’t go under to inspect the work done.  This means it is even more important to hire a reputable heating and air conditioning company that you can trust to install or repair your crawlspace duct damage.   For $99 Scenic City will do a thorough inspection and provide you a report with pictures as well as a material list and price for Scenic City Heating and AC to fix it right. 

Black mildew in crawlspace
What appears to be black mold on bottom side of floor boards.
Scenic City Heating & Air

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