What Our Clients Say

John S. Collins, D. Min.

Maranatha Baptist Church,
Chattanooga, TN

The original heating and air conditioning system was placed in our building in 1969. Since that time, we have fixed, added freon, patched, and prayed over our system to keep it running. Our electricity bills were enormously high because our system was old and no long efficiently operating. This spring we replaced our old system - our electric bills are lower, our building is often "too cold", and we have confidence that we will be comfortable in any weather.

My purpose in telling you about our heating and air conditioning situation is this - if you are in the market for a new system or need help with your present one, we would like to recommend to you the man who did such a good job for us. His company is Scenic City Heating & Air Conditioning. His knowledge of heating and air conditioning enabled him to make recommendations for our building that were exactly what we needed. We feel that we received exceptional quality, a fair competitive price, and better than average work per man hour. David is very conscientious about his work and will not recommend something you do not need just to make more money. He is very honest and will give you high quality, dependable work for your dollars spent.

We have total confidence that David will do a good job for you also. He is now doing the routine maintence on our system and keeping it in perfect, efficient, running condition. We recommend David to you for all you heating and air conditioning needs. We have been greatly impressed and satisfied with the expert and exceptional quality of work that David has done for our church.

Connie Tucker,

Rossville, GA

I would like to take this opportunity to commend a local business. First, let me tell you a little what happen. Now our household consists of seven people, in a five-bedroom house with a good amount of square footage to move around. Well our central heat and air system went down during the first of this year, which is our colder months; we were stuck using a single kerosine heater to warm our whole house. We called several local businesses, and got several estimates, which ranged widely in price, some even wanted to replace the whole unit, costing several thousands of dollars. We were about to give up then we decided to call one more place. Finally we found that the very last place we called turned out to be the most honest, the most courteous, and the most helpful business of them all. They came down, checked the unit, and told us what the problem was and gave us a very reasonable estimate to fix the problem of less than $200.00. We were totally surprised and extremely happy. they were our lifesavers. They bent over backwards to get our unit fixed as quick as possible. We were extremely satisfied with the work they did and the personnel that we dealt with. I no longer had to worry about my two small children and mother in a freezing cold home. A home is supposed to be safe, cozy, and warm, so thanks to a company by the name of Scenic City Heating and Air, that is exactly what my home is.

Bruce Bell,

Hixson, TN

As a typical homeowner in the Hidden Harbor Association, I would like to recommend the services of David Lynn, owner of Scenic City Heating and Air, for residential heating and air conditioning service.

My previous HVAC system was in need of replacement before the hot summer months came upon us. David spent the time explaining the different units available and helped me size a replacement unit that would provide more comfort in my house than the original unit.

When the first floor unit was replaced, David's installation crew (Tom and Kenny) also checked out my second floor unit to make sure it was working properly. Another one of David's crew (Jon and Brian) cleaned both floor ducts. Both crews worked together the first day in preparation for the installation of the first floor unit on the second day by the installation crew. Both of his crews were very courteous and provided excellent work per man-hour. They also made recommendations on maximizing the use of our new HVAC system.

The next day after the installation a couple of adjustments were needed to the HVAC system and David's service man, Gary, was very punctual in performing these items.

Thank you for your consideration of David Lynn in your future heating and air conditioning needs.

John G. Green,

Hixson, TN

Dear David,

I would like to thank you and your employees for the excellent and professional job you did in installing our new heat/air system. Your proposal was fast and very well done. The men who installed the job were efficient and friendly. We are most pleased.I highly recommend them for any ac troubles.

Don Lankford,

Birchwood, TN

Just A Few Lines To Say Thanks!!!!

I Am Very Pleased With The Heat Pump That Was Installed. You And Your Installation Crew Did A Great Job, I Can See You Are A Man Of Your Word. If Anyone I Know Ever Needs A Heating System Or Service Work. I Will Gladly Send Them To You. Again Thanks For The Job You Did.

W. A. Jones

Vice President, Cornerstone Community Bank,
East Ridge, TN

Dear Sir or Madam:

I would like to recommend the services of David Lynn, owner of Scenic City Heating and Air for residential and commercial heating and air conditioning service.

I have known David for several years and found him to be very professional and reliable. He has worked in the heating and air conditioning service business for 12 years and is licensed in residential and commercial service with the City of Chattanooga.

David recently installed a complete new heating and air system at our church in excess of $40,000 and did an excellent job. He has also been a very good customer of our bank for several years.

Please feel free to call me when you read this letter and I will be glad to furnish you with any additional information you need.

Peter P. Molnar

Virginia Jo Molnar

We have several rental houses in the Chattanooga-Ooltewah area. David Lynn and Scenic City Heating & Air, Inc. have serviced all our heat and air units for the past few years. During the year 2001, they installed new heat and air units in two of our rental houses.
We are vary pleased with the service, they are very prompt to respond and very thorough in eliminating the problem. They are knowledgeable and trustworthy, and we highly recommend them to anyone needing heating and air conditioning service.

Mike Hearrell

Chattanooga, TN

The Cattanooga Rescue Mission has two buildings, each of which are heated and cooled by various units, ranging from older ones to really old ones. We have constantly fretted over each unit and struggled to keep them operating order. It is good to have air-conditioning in the summer but quite necessary to have heat throughout the months of fall and winter.
As you may well know, finding a reputable and cost effective heat and air company con be quite a challenge. Many folks either do not budget for repairs or they experience ill-timed equipment failure. We have found ourselves in both categories. Because we are faith Mission, we know that God is going to provide in the time of need.
He has sone just that through David Lynn. We had been paying expensive bills for heat and air repair and David contacted us and volunteered to come and look things over. He cares about people and about ministering to our fellow man. Since that time, we only use the services of David and his company, Scenic City Heating and Air, Incorporated.
We recommend that you consider him and his company for any of your heat and air needs. You will find him to be honest and quite knowledgeable in his field. I am sure that he will work hard to assist you with your needs in the most cost-effective manner. We are very satisfied with all aspects of his work. He is also a fine young Christian man who truly loves the Lord.
Thank you for your consideration of David and may God continue to richly bless.